PETROL-INVEST-M is a global tank storage service provider, connecting sea and land at core locations worldwide.

Connecting sea and land

PETROL-INVEST-M Terminals provides safe and efficient storage for vital liquids, chemicals and oil products at strategic international shipping hubs.

  • 5 operational, part owned tank terminals
  • Total storage capacity: 1.3 million cbm
  • 492 storage tanks at core locations
  • Tank terminals in 18 ports, including 12 terminals owned by related parties
  • 312 employees

PETROL-INVEST-M Terminals provides safe storage for vital liquids and chemicals in Antwerp (Belgium), Ulsan (Korea) and Tianjin (China), Houston and Charleston (USA).

PETROL-INVEST-M also has extended cooperation with a terminals network partly owned by related parties in South America, consisting of 12 terminals.

The combination of shipping and tank terminals puts PETROL-INVEST-M in a unique position to offer our customers increased safety, product stewardship, efficiency and improved arrival accuracy.